The best products for your technical projects

We link product suppliers to companies that are active in the engineering, installation, and maintenance of technical installations. We do this in the EURO zone.

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Helping you find the best technical goods easily,
conveniently and successfully

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“Magazena enabled me to find the best solution for my problem and buy all the products I needed in one go, even though it was accros several different vendors”

Nick Gevaerts

Buy complete solutions in one go

The great thing about Magazena is that you can easily have an overview of what is available within different categories and get good information. This makes the search for specific products much easier and less time-consuming. Thanks to the filter options and use cases, we can source the right products more easily.

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Fast and easy to find the products you need

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Trust the reliability of the products

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Huge product selection

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Premium support along the way

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Not some other megastore

We are not a platform via which anyone can sell whatever to whomever. We want to stimulate the collaboration amongst European companies and drive a worthwhile ecosystem for technical companies.

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The engineering, sales and maintenance of technical installations are complex in themselves. We listen to you and add tools to the platform to make it easier to buy or sell the right products.

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We believe in direct contact between those that are responsible for products towards their end-customers and those that know their own products best. We cut out unneeded intermediaries.

Why choose Magazena ?

To ensure you get the quality products you need

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“Magazena enabled my company to get the best data plan for my connected devices”

Emma de Vries

Linking professional buyers and sellers

We spend a lot of time (believe us, a - lot - of - time) to select manufacturers & providers and provide them our value-added digital sales channel, targeting companies that are want to reduce the time and complexity in selecting and buying technology.
For sellers: looking for an additional sales channel? Shout out to us !
For buyers: can't find the products you're looking for? Drop us a line !

Providing reliable products

Receiving birthday gifts and buying mobile connectivity is a different ball game. No surprises here: of course you require high-quality networks you can rely on and professional providers who warrant you access to those networks (and who inform you about the networks they are using). That's why, in close collaboration with Thingsdata (NL) we only bring you SIM-cards from top tier telco's.

Ensuring support is there when you need it

Providing IoT-connectivity is not a "sell and don't look back" activity. Buying via Magazena ensures you've got your back covered. Of course you have access to a platform that allows you to administer your SIM-cards to a maximum extent. And, on top, you have access to the Thingsdata Support Desk when the going gets tough.

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Our product

We are the next gen banking experience

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