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Our story

The story behind Magazena

After establishing and running engineering and installation companies, we experienced the difficulties in finding and connecting with the appropriate suppliers for the types of solutions and projects we worked on. When dealing with the right company it often still proved hard to comprehend their products fully to rest assured we were offering the best combination of products, as we didn't necessarily have the in-depth knowledge their product managers are having.

Having worked at the side of technology providers (in business development and product management) we understand the difficulty in building robust sales channels through which all product knowledge is made available to ensure the rapid and correct selection of products for a particular application.

Based on an intensive search and selection initiative to find a suitable product configurator for one of our clients, we saw the potential and added-value of developing a multi-product and cross-supplier marketplace. Having started with IoT connectivity we will continue expanding our offering with complementary products and solutions .

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Our Mission

We want to enable professional buyers to easily find and buy the best products for their company

As a specialised digital sales agency Magazena markets technical goods to professional buyers in the EU-zone, using an advanced product configurator to drive not only direct sales, but to also generate cross-product sales, combining products from one supplier with the complementary products from one or more other suppliers.

Magazena cuts out non-value adding intermediaries and ensures a direct contact between the one making the product and having all product-knowledge and those integrating and installing products and bringing on the market needs.

To product suppliers we offer a country-focus allowing to gain experience in a particular regional market before expanding into new territory.

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