C-scan develops, manufactures and supports an integrated building monitoring system that monitors not only your water and energy use, but also crucial health & safety parameters for residents, patients or employees. The C-scan system will offer you all the info you need to decide on which saving measures to take.

1 central platform

For tracking everything you need

Various uses

Offices, Education, Healthcare, Residential, Industry

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Why C-scan?

Monitor what you care for

C-scan is part of the Belgian Cordeel Group. Their network of qualitative partners and the ecosystem of the Cordeel Group allows C-scan not only to monitor your buildings, but also to help you in tracking all the necessary measurements to save water, energy, lives and money.

Present in over 10 countries

European manufacturer

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C-scan's features

The integrated building monitoring system

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Save water, energy and money

Saving water, energy and money starts with measuring your use. The C-scan solution helps you to find the biggest energy hogs and make smart decisions.

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Custom reporting and alerts

Tailored to your needs and industry benchmarks, custom alerts (e.g., when threshold values are exceeded) and reports can be generated.

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Boost health and productivity

Create the perfect working, learning and living environment by measuring and managing the right parameters.

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Use real-time data

Monitor all crucial parameters in real time so you can intervene immediately when necessary.

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One platform for all your buildings

Do you manage multiple locations? With our system you can easily monitor your company's building portfolio. Clear data visualisations ensure easy and fast decisions.