Calculus develops and hosts the IoT eco-system based on the Calculus platform and gateway and various sensors and meters. Their solutions are used not only for monitoring, but also for the intelligent control of devices. They provide solutions for companies that deal with environmental monitoring, smart buildings, smart assets and track & trace.

1 private platform

for increased security

3 usage types

Track, exploit and control smart devices

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Why Calculus?

Track, exploit and control your smart devices

Calculus is specialised in innovative, digital solutions for the most diverse problems. They combine agility and energy with extensive experience and pragmatic insights. Thanks to their experience very diverse functional requirements are easily translated into technical solutions.

Present in over 25 countries

A 99% coverage ratio

Buy tracking devices from Calculus
Calculus' features

The best follow-up of your devices and vehicles

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A robust platform

Hosted in the EU, the secured platform connects different data sets, gaining you new and important insights. Share data and actions with your trusted partners.

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Low communication cost

The Calculus communication gateway automatically creates a local private sensor network (LORA-based), in order to optimise all data exchange between the sensors and the portal.

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Many application types

Make use of endless possibilities by connecting digital sensors to any equipment. Sensors measure consumption, temperature, geo-location, air pressure, input & output, you name it.

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The use of a local gateway makes it easy to add more sensors while adding additional sensors to the platform with a snap of the finger.

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Install and forget hardware

Pre-defined sets of hardware bring you peace of mind as you don't have to start puzzling to immediately achieve the benefits of adding IoT functionality to your buildings and assets.