Hardwario provides its partners with configurable Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, connectivity, and cloud services. Together, we successfully deploy IoT projects in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, healthcare, and facility management.




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Why Hardwario?

Work with technologically advanced products that are easy to install and manage

HARDWARIO is specialised in developing innovative and versatile products. Thanks to their multifunctional modular system, you build your own solution for your projects. Hardwario's products are used for predictive maintenance, environmental monitoring, men / machine productivity monitoring, and optimising logistics and purchasing.

Present in over 160 countries

A 99% coverage ratio

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CHESTER Catalog Applications

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1 Modular device for a wide range of applications

CHESTER is used to gather telemetry data of  connected systems, to monitor a large variety of sensors, for remote control and for location tracking. It features a robust, waterproof, IP67-rated enclosure for harsh environmental conditions. In addition, its wide operating temperature range and battery-optimized power consumption enable outdoor deployment.

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Reliable connectivity from distant and deep indoor places

CHESTER connects to the internet via LPWAN communication technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M, and LoRaWAN are supported). Choose the built-in internal antenna or connect an external antenna. For diagnostics, parametrisation, and device firmware upgrades, CHESTER comes with a Bluetooth Low Energy interface as available in modern smart devices and notebooks.

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Designed as a low‑power device

CHESTER has been designed as a low-power device and provides years of operation from the primary lithium cells. You can also use a rechargeable battery backup module with the optional solar photovoltaic panel input. For applications where batteries are not applicable, it is possible to power the device from a standard 24 V DC or 230 V AC line.

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The HARDWARIo cloud provides a set of cloud services for device management and data handling - providing IoT connectivity, REST API and callback settings. Manage all your devices in an intuitive user interface and integrate all data easily with any of your favourite end applications.